about fttm 

The training is not conducted in the way of secular education or as in theological seminaries and Bible institutes to produce professional preachers. It is conducted to help young believers mature in Christ to become normal, living, functioning members of the Body of Christ so that they themselves can be built up and they can also perfect others to build up the organic Body of Christ as the gifted ones do.

The training includes lessons on life, Bible truths from fundamental, orthodox Christian faith to the highest peak of the divine revelation, and character building, as well as applications involving practices on the God-ordained way.

The training is the Lord’s, as long as He wants it He provides for all its needs.

The training since 1986 to date has been carried on completely by faith. The trainees come by faith, the training goes on by faith.

LIFE courses

Studying the Bible in the way of life and turning objective knowledge into subjective realization for the experience and growth of the divine life and other practical matters in the Christian life.

Establishing a personal, intimate and affectionate relationship with the Lord.

Experiencing being one spirit with the Lord, living and walking in the mingled spirit, and having subjective  experiences of Christ.

TRUTH courses

Equipping with the important truths in the Bible and acquiring a proper knowledge of the entire Bible through Bible study and reading through the Bible twice a year.


Following the training schedule and cultivating a healthy and disciplined spiritual living.

Cultivating good habits of being neat, clean and orderly by properly arranging one’s personal belongings in the dormitory.

Exercising the thirty characters essential for the Lord’s service in accordance with life so as to live a genuine God-man life.

PRACTICAL  courses

Applying the truths being learned in the classroom which includes subjects on the God-ordained way, service, meeting, gospel ABC, children and youth work, vital groups, God-man living, shepherding, and hymn-singing and also elective classes on languages, first-aid, journalism, guitar, and other skill-oriented classes.



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