God is a God with a plan. All of God’s work in the universe from eternity past to eternity future is accomplished through man and also in man. Hence, God wants to gain all His created and redeemed people for the accomplishment of His plan.

Because God’s plan is carried out only in man, man must be gained by God first and be equipped, perfected and trained for His economy.  This is the reason why God has to spend a lot of time for the preparation of useful vessels.

Here in the training, a young person must learn to seize the time to be constituted with the truth, acquire personal experience of life by developing one’s love for God by fellowshipping, praying, enjoying God’s word, and dealing with the things not matching God’s taste and standard. Every trainee must exercise to develop a good character useful to the Master and apply diligence in every aspect of his life, pursuit and service.

May the Lord gain a group of people today through this training, who will satisfy His heart and meet His need in this age to build up His Body to consummate the New Jerusalem.


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